Empover your WordPress site with a multi-purpose plugin. Most exciting Audience Engagement tool you've ever seen. Attract your readers, get precise feedback on your posts. Build winning relationships and monetize your content.
One of the best things about blogging is that you can get direct feedback from your visitors... And that’s where Feedweb comes in. Check out how it can revolutionize your own content strategy... Tom Ewer, ManageWP.com
Feedweb being the plugin with the most direct impact as it puts out each Blog post to a readership community, and can generate hundreds of visits per post on a good day and with a good post topic / headline. Shane Hopkins, MoneyMakerSpy.com
An awesome plugin which allows us to get feedback/votes of our readers by offering them a voting widget. It also makes us a lot of traffic by posting our articles to their Community Portal. Vishesh Kachheda, TechBin.org
The Feedweb Team as a unit has implemented a culture of good business practices and a fine product. When you need help, their support team is right there willing and able to aid you with the solution. James Lynch, Pocbooks.com
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